Designers and Locations

May Hiddleston

I am a multimedia artist using paint, paper, wood, metal, foam and clay among other materials to create brightly colored three dimensional paintings in space. In them I explore themes of childhood and environment, especially Coney Island, where I grew up.

LOCATION: Norwest Gallery of Art


Tristan Slade

A young artist by the name of Tristan Slade born and raised in the city of Detroit. Tristan (MadFox) works in a wide variety of mediums including but never limited to painting, screen printing, woodworking, photography and even sewing. His work is influenced by many things in his life that others can relate to from love and humor to depression and being stereotyped, along with strong bits of Detroit's many textures and style. With his interesting use of colors, textures and Pop Art like style he combines the most emotional and questionable moments in life and brings them to a level anyone can understand and relate to.

LOCATION: Vintage Flamingo


Sanders “Skip” Bryant

I'm a native Detroiter and love representing the city with my Art and Designs with a style that was birthed here.  My experience in multi-media is extensive but I'm just emerging in fine art.   I think my style would be considered stylized, vibrant, energetic and soulful.  I love depicting scenes of people in action.

LOCATION: Vintage Flamingo


Laura Earle

My work explores interactivity – how the attitude and shape of an exhibit or an artwork sculpts our internal and external space. And how our internal space shapes our attitudes and actions. I make exhibits and artwork that invite people into a larger narrative, to consider pivot points. I’m interested in how art starts a conversation and becomes a catalyst for building community and shifting meaning.

LOCATION: Pressed Juice Bar


Tony Rave

Tony Rave is an influential artist from Detroit, who conveys messages related to politics and controversy throughout his artwork. He is known as a man of vision and character who is comfortable with testing the limits of society and even sometimes crossing the line of offense. Tony Rave holds a deep philosophical approach to his work, while allowing the viewer to create his or her own interpretation of it. He is also well known for his Pig portraits throughout Detroit and for his iconic portrait of Kwame Kilpatrick, former Mayor of Detroit, "The King of Broken Hearts," amongst many other customized pieces that he has created. Socio-economical, contradictions, and rubbish are just some of the ideas that influence the creative. His purpose in his art is to arouse the minds of his audience of past and current unethical issues, while stimulating their minds of his ideas and perspectives.

LOCATION: Cutz Lounge


DaTrice Clark

When she first started making jewelry as a kid she would take necklaces apart and inspect the materials used to create them before putting it back together in a new way. In present day, Trice no longer has to physically disassemble items she desires to know more about.Over the years with becoming self-educated in woodworking, welding, sewing, and general craft her brain has begun to reverse engineer things and see all the possible patterns for how it was fabricated.


This has helped Trice take client’s project inspiration photos and create what they are dreaming in real life.DaTrice has been very blessed to be able to translate this gift into multi mediums from jewelry to set design.

LOCATION: Pages Book Shop


Onzie Norman

My art is my journey into the powerful energy of abstraction. I create abstracted figures inspired by indigenous people, African mask sculptures and the neo expressionism style that emerged in the late 1970's. LOCATION: United Horizon


Li Miller

Li Miller is a Détroit-based fashion photographer and stylist (2020 CCS graduate), with a background in theatre, costuming, and an (arguably unhealthy amount of) film and history research knowledge playing on loop in her head at any given moment. While her main focus is fashion photography and styling, her work also deals with externalizing the internal through surrealism-inspired portraiture of herself and others, delving into a visually-driven commentary on psychology and creativity, fashion and identity/gender, and her own place in a digital and physical landscape as a female Creative working in the 2020s. 
Heavily inspired by cinematic, fashion, illustrative, and photographic visuals of the 1920s, '30s, and ‘40s,


Miller specializes in techniques and stylizing taken from the work of Beaton, Deren, Tanning, Kahlo, Yevonde Middleton, and Lee Miller/Man Ray. She adapts classic lighting and set techniques to today’s photographic world through in-camera lighting, digital post-manipulation, and utilizing vintage lenses and camera work. Though she works in both digital and film, she tries to be as sustainably aesthetic when and where possible in her art practices and styling, working with historic spaces in Detroit, vintage or repurposed clothing or sets, and contributing more ideas than waste to the world. (In the attached work samples, these images were in collaboration with local shops or creatives or personal work with art direction, photography, styling, light design, practical, and post-effects/editing by the artist shot in-studio or around Detroit)

LOCATION: Voluptuous Bien'Aime


Traeron Isaac Vawters (Trae Isaac)

I am driven by a genuine passion for manifesting awe-inspiring and psychologically empowering pieces of art. Based on my life as person who has had to find power through loss and peace through discomfort.  Primarily raised by my grandparents, losing my youngest brother and mother to cancer in my mid-teens were and still is the primary fuel to the fire that I use to push myself to create and provide for my family through art. What inspires my psyche is a need to do and be greater for myself and those around me who I in-turn inspire and motivate. My artistic inspiration derives from the aesthetics and cultures of ancient Egypt, India, and Japan. I take those inspirations and combine them with the philosophies I’ve learned and developed, to create the images I do to this day. LOCATION: digiMax


Nivek Monet

Nivek Monet is a multimedia performing visual artist living and working in Detroit Michigan. He attended the Center for Creative Studies and earned an Artists in Education certificate as well as taking courses in painting and woodworking. Nivek Monet studied under Hubbert Massey learning fresco and oil painting and Walls of Virtue learning techniques in Faux painting and interior design. He has also worked as an impressionable high school Art Instructor at Edwin Denby for 2 years. Monet has completed public and corporate commissions across the city, including The Detroit Pistons Read to Achieve campaign, Big City Bar and Grill, Art and Academics (GoLightly Education Center), Plaka Café, Grosse Pointe Academy, and Hubert Massey Murals, just to name a few. Nivek Monet creates and continues to rebrand himself. Combining his social skills & visual oil painting techniques he captures the energy of events of all kind to audiences everywhere. LOCATION: H&M Style Lounge


Jessica DeMuro

With a deep dedication to research and conceptual integrity, my work unfolds into works enriched with deep symbolism and metaphor. Often tackling subjects that pierce the human experience, I find myself most gravitated towards the internal landscape as it relates to our outside world. 


As a multidisciplinary artist I often explore concepts in a diverse number of ways, primarily rooted in photography, collage, installation, and commonly the intersection of these mediums. This non-linear creative structure allows me to work towards a deeper examination of themes, emerging an even greater development of the concepts.


I make work to engage honest consideration and dialogue with my audience, and to that measure, the pieces created often reveal more intimate layers of themselves the longer one stands in conversation with them.

LOCATION:  Cutz Lounge


Errin Whitaker

My ancestors work through me in order to convey a message of knowledge, understanding, and empowerment to the community. These aspects weave themselves into each piece, providing an enlightenment to an elevated calling we all share as descendants.

LOCATION: Orsons Collision